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The Evolution of NIVEA Christmas Gift Packs

15 years of gift packaging expertise

Over the past 15 years, Mango Creative has worked with NIVEA to create more innovative and experiential Christmas gift pack offerings, incorporating vibrant and eye-catching designs that resonate with the contemporary consumer.

NIVEA Christmas Gifting since 2008

From the beginning of our journey, we worked closely with our client to create beautiful, elegant and engaging designs that captured the holiday spirit, whilst delivering a combination of value, convenience, and an emotional connection.

A unique snapshot of packaging every Christmas

Looking back at the last 15 years, it's fascinating to see how packaging design has changed to match the needs of modern consumers. By examining a single snapshot at Christmas from each year, we can learn a lot about the evolution of design, fashion, and consumer habits. For instance, in 2008, we used large window packs as they showcased the full product size and boasted value for money. In 2010, fun, complex and innovative cardboard structures were in vogue. Nowadays, there's a heightened focus on eco-friendly packaging and we collaborate closely with printers to produce gift sets with recycling-friendly materials, vegetable inks and less waste.

NIVEA Christmas Gifting 2008

NIVEA Christmas Gifting 2010

NIVEA Christmas Gifting 2021

Taking on a global challenge

Every year, we create packs for both the UK and global markets. While the UK market is a clear leader in gift giving, in 2019, NIVEA challenged us to create a design that would work for all markets worldwide. The design needed to be highly adaptable to accommodate varying pack sizes, recipients, and offerings in different regions. We needed to maintain the famous NIVEA blue and white, with a focus on the human touch and emotional connection, as well as retain the specialness of Christmas. Our design is highly adaptable, featuring a prominent white swoop that champions the brand, gift tag, and name. The addition of rose gold highlights enhances the packaging's uniqueness, while hand-illustrated icons bring a touch of beauty and grace to the base, perfectly complementing the products and appealing to recipients. In the past few years, we have diversified and expanded our gifting market by offering a wider range of gift packs to appeal to different consumer groups (we had a lot of fun creating the unicorn and llama packs for tweens!)

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