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Branding | Packaging

Elizabeth Shaw

When Elizabeth made her first mint crisp 140 years ago I wonder if she could imagine it would still be going strong today? 


Custodianship of heritage brands is one of our specialities, keeping them creatively fresh and always authentic.

A brand you’ve grown up with, one that is part of your family / habitual repertoire demands a gentle yet challenging approach.


By revisiting the core values and provenance, refining brand identity to stay relevant and always tonally aligned to the emotive nostalgia, there’s a lot more to chocolate packaging than first meets the eye.

“Working with Mango feels like an extension to our marketing team. Lisa and the team are always accommodating, trustworthy and fun to work with. They are efficient and good at sticking to a brief, but also good at pushing the boundaries in creating designs which we would not have previously thought about. This was evident in our Elizabeth Shaw Mint re-brand which is not only proving to be a commercial success, but a hit with consumers as well. It is always a pleasure to work with Mango.”

Alex Hargreaves
Category Marketing Manager
Colian UK

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